Business mentor, coach, consultant

Leon Huson

Leon Huson


Qualifications: B.Comm (University of Cape Town) Specialist Field: Business Planning, Finance Target Countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Ethiopia, Korea, China, Japan

Leon’s specific skills include; interpretation of financial information, analysis and development of strategy, implementation and introduction of remedial intervention, mentoring and monitoring, business guidance and counseling. Leon is an excellent communicator at all levels within organizations he believes in skills transfer and employee development. He has assisted dozens of SME’s over the past 16 years and is a valued mentor. An excellent communicator and developer of people, Leon takes pride in teaching you to use the correct words when communicating about money. His extensive experience with corporate and smaller businesses have shaped him into the ideal business coach. Leon holds a B Comm from UCT and continues to study various analytics, to keep up to date with the digital world.

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